Recurring Income for Writers

(Coming Later 2022)

Become a Founding Creator now and earn up to 96% Royalties. Forever.

(No, that wasn’t a typo.)

How It Works

  1. Choose which stories you want to monetize. Then, create your tier and set the price and benefits.

  2. Start writing. Release chapters at your desired schedule.

  3. Get paid up to 96% royalties monthly!

Founding Creators Program

  1. Enroll in this limited-time program to get started.

  2. Publish one story of at least 15,000 words and unlock 93% royalties.

  3. Grow with Lutionary by completing milestones to unlock up to 96% royalties.

Only Found On Lutionary

Lutionary offers features to capture and keep subscribed readers. Forget Patreon. The next chapter of recurring income for writers has been written.

Earning royaltiesEarn up to 95% (by disclosing your income to readers) or 92%Earn up to 96% and keep your privacy
Discoverability: Have your works advertised to new readers on the platform, and collect followersUnavailableYup, we’ve got it
Accessibility: Allow readers to bookmark your stories, keep track of their reading progress, and add stories to reading listsUnavailableYup, we’ve got it
Analytics: Receive reports about your story’s engagementsUnavailableYup, we’ve got it
Reviews: Receive feedback and have your work promoted via reader reviewsUnavailableYup, we’ve got it
Advanced reader view: Allow readers to flip from one chapter to the next, and capture reads and likesOnly likes are supportedYup, we’ve got it
Forums: A dedicated space for all of your stories, where readers can discuss everything between the linesUnavailableYup, we’ve got it

Frequently Asked Questions

When will monetization come?

Monetization is under development and expected to arrive in 2022.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There are no contracts, catches or strings attached! You just have to follow the content guidelines.

Do my stories have to be exclusive?

If your story is monetized elsewhere, it must be priced at the same amount on

For example, if your story is for sale on for $3, it must be priced at $3 on

Do I have to monetize all of my stories?

No! You can choose how many stories you want to keep available for free, and which stories you want to monetize.

What if I want to take a break from updating?

(Future feature) If you project that you will not be updating, you will be able to skip charging your readers for any month.

For example: Let’s say that on January 15th, you decide you need a break from updating chapters. You can skip charging readers on February, and continue charging on March during which you will continue updating.

How many stories can I monetize?

As many as you would like. Readers pay a monthly premium to you in order to read whatever you publish under their teir

When will I get paid?

You will be paid once a month. Your subscribed readers get charged once per month unless they cancel.

What if I want to increase/decrease how much I charge readers in the future?

You cannot change the price of a tier after readers sign up for it. Instead, you can retire the tier so no more readers can sign up for it, and publish a new tier with the new price.

What information would I have to provide?

The payment processors that charge readers (I.e PayPal, Stripe) will require your name, address, and other personal information for identification, taxing and security purposes.

Lutionary will not have access to much of this personal information.

Check out our privacy policy and terms of service to see how we responsibly handle your information.

What if I want to delete my account?

Since readers paid to read your work, they deserve to access it. However, we respect your decisions. If you wish to delete your account, readers will keep access to read your content for 7 days after your account is deleted.

Any more questions? Email us!