Content Guidelines

Content Guidelines

We want you to share your story with the world, but there is certain content that does not belong on our platform. To keep Lutionary safe, positive, and respectful, Lutionary will exercise its right to remove content that it has deemed inappropriate, including themes not specified on this list.

  • Any content you upload must be owned by you. Any form of plagiarism, or distribution of plagiarized content, is prohibited
  • Mature content should be marked as such. Mature is intended for ages 17 and up, and is classified as:
    • Explicit sex scenes
    • Self-harm themes including suicide and eating disorders
    • Graphic depictions of abuse, including sexual, physical, or emotional

Sexual Content

  • The age of consent is 16+ on Lutionary. In any depicted sexual scene, your characters must reflect this age of consent
  • Pornographic stories created only for sexual stimulation are prohibited. Your story must have development in its plot, not exclusively pornographic content
  • Promoting, encouraging, or gloryfing rape, assault, sexual slavery or any non-consentual act is prohibited
  • Encouraging or writing illegal sex acts such as beastiality, necrophilia, or incest, is prohibited
  • Sexual roleplay or messaging


  • Media displaying a person or a person’s personally identifiable information without their consent, excluding celebrities
  • Media displaying exposed breasts, bottocs and genitals
  • Media displaying suicide or self-harm
  • Media displaying gore in detail
  • Media displaying displaying explicit sexual acts
  • Hate speech including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or disability, is not allowed
  • Bullying, harassment, threats, or the encouragement of these acts, is not allowed
  • Sharing personally any identifying information about another person, is not allowed
  • Impersonating and defaming another user, non-user or organization, is not allowed
  • Encouraging or instructing self-harm is not allowed. However, content discouraging self-harm and stories about recovery are welcomed. Stories with self-harm themes including suicide and eating disorders must be marked as mature.
  • Threats of violence against a person or a group of people are not allowed. Neither is glorifying active or inactive violent hate groups, extremists, or persons


  • Don’t share large amounts of unwanted or repetitive content


Lutionary believes in being an open book. You trust us with your time, and deserve our transparency

  • We remove any content that violates our content guidelines. Every time this happens, a user is emailed a warning
  • Accounts that violate the content guidelines repeatedly are terminated on the fourth violation
  • Accounts that violate the content guidelines more than twice are disqualified from opportunities indefinitely
  • If you believe your story was edited or removed accidentally, you may email for an appeal