The Varkari
The Varkari
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FULL STORY ON PATREON- COMPLETED ******** A race of all-male warriors has descended upon Earth. The competition is fierce and claims upon women are permanent...unless you have a right. Ellie will fight tooth and nail to refuse the Varkari from what they deem theirs, but some are cut from a different cloth and know just how to get what they want. At what point is nature stronger than the force of will? ******** I met his eyes again, a fatal mistake, and drowned in the depths of blackness, electricity shooting down my bones, my knees bending slightly. I stared into the predator's pupils as he looked straight through every barrier I tried to put up and analyzed every response of my body. He took one heavy inhale, muscles rippling and expanding over his massive torso, and knew. He fucking knew everything. "By right of First Token, I claim this female as mine."
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I am I. Jones. There will never be a real "about the author" anywhere. Thank you for reading if you enjoy it, and if you don't, please be kind. May you never be the reason someone gives up on their dream.
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