A Dove's Tale
A Dove's Tale
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Ivetta takes a job as a maid in a palace and quickly finds out that she's getting a lot more than she bargained for. She struggles to stay out of trouble and manage her home life while surprises, good and bad, come at her from every side. Help comes from the most unexpected of sources, and romance blossoms among thorns.
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I got my start in writing with collaborative fanfiction. Eventually, I started doing original stories. I have lucid dreams, and I got in the habit of telling myself stories before I fell asleep so I could try to direct the dreams. Most of my ideas come from those stories and dreams. Nothing I write is ever set in stone. I'm constantly editing and polishing. If something seems bare-bones and not up to par, don't worry, I'm working on it. I usually like to hammer out most of a story before I go back and dress it up with more details. Always check the publishing date for the most up-to-date changes. The curse of perfectionism. Disclaimer: I am a Christian, and, although I don't shy away from mature themes, I don't read LGBTQIA+ or explicit sexual content (with rare exceptions). My knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation all comes from my background growing up in the USA and using US English. Technicalities: I write in Google Docs using the free version of ProWritingAid as an editing tool, which I recommend highly. It has multiple English usages, too, so you can select the one that fits your country. Last words: Subscribe to my Substack for weekly updates about my writing, life, and other nonsense, check out my Carrd for all my writing profiles, and, if you're feeling generous, drop a tip at my Ko-fi. Thanks! https://katiegoesmew.substack.com/ https://katiegoesmew.carrd.co https://ko-fi.com/katiegoesmew
Author Notes
This is a fanfiction, but it's accessible to anybody. No prior knowledge of the game is required to understand it. I've been enjoying the stories within the Ikemen series, but I usually find the main character weak, so I started thinking about how the stories would go with a stronger main character. Prince Chevalier in the Ikemen Prince game caught my attention, and thus this fanfiction was born. I am editing and fleshing out the characters as my knowledge base grows. Watch the publishing date as it will clue you in to the latest updates. Constructive criticism and feedback are very much welcome, especially for the princes' characters, as I really want them to be as true to the game as possible. Current version based on content from reading Chevalier, Leon, Yves, Nokto, Licht, and Clavis' stories in the game. Yes, I know this is getting super long, and I will split it up into several parts in the future, but I don't see the point in doing that when I still have to read Luke, Sariel, Rio, Silvio, Keith, and Gilbert's stories in the game. Also, there are some Easter Eggs/references to an older Ikemen game called Midnight Cinderella. ***** There is no explicit content, but themes and content are mature. Content Warning: Contains themes of assault, attempted rape, child abuse, depression, extreme violence gore, self-harm, sexual assault abuse, suicide, torture, violent death. ***** Credits: Based on the otome game Ikemen Prince: Beauty and Her Beast. All images come from the game.
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