Mortal Decoy
Mortal Decoy
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Samara is a demon who travels through a tear in dimensions to satisfy her curiosity about humans and their world. She is taken with the primitive charm of the human world, and especially enjoys their tasty food. But as she grows closer to her new human companions, demands from the demon realm pressure her to return. Samara must decide if her budding relationships with humans, specifically a Holy Knight named Kivani, are worth abandoning her life in the demon realm. Fallon is a human who has spent the years since her sister’s murder preparing for revenge. When she comes of age to join the Holy Knights, it’s the perfect opportunity. She just has to pretend to be a boy and be the best initiate to gain access to her target. Unfortunately, an infuriating boy is always a step ahead in the challenges. As Fallon puts all her training to the test, she learns that the truth may not be what it seems. And the boy who might ruin her chance may actually be able to help her.
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