The Kingdom of Roses
The Kingdom of Roses
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The greatest good and the greatest evil are both birthed from love. When pure love turns selfish, it becomes fertile ground to germinate the seed of darkness. Then it distils evil that infects everything that comes in contact with it. This first volume explores the intertwining lives of the King of the twenty-four realms of heaven, his Bride whom he loves deeply, and a terrible twist that endangers all they created. When love turns to obsession, bad choices will unleash chaos. Faced with the chaotic consequences of these bad choices, the innocent lives in all the peaceful, twenty-four realms are threatened with destruction. To save the lives of the citizens of their kingdom, the King and his Bride must make their own choices. Their love must go down the path of sacrifice and separation. Will their love survive the challenges ahead of them? Will those who seek to separate them succeed? Will the strategies they devised in the heavens bear fruit in a world that does not recognize them and is in its own whirlwind of multiplied bad choices? You will only find the answers by embarking on a journey of loss and discovery with them, and then by reflecting within your own heart.
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Author Notes
This is the first volume which is part of a series. Hope you enjoy it!
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