Wish Upon A Sunset
Wish Upon A Sunset
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"Guilty," Emma whispered, the weight of the word crushing her spirit. Five years stolen. A shattered family. A life reduced to whispers and judgmental stares. Emma Carter thought prison was hell, but freedom might be worse. Fresh out of a five-year sentence, Emma's determined to rebuild her shattered life. But with children she can barely see, a family in shambles, and a community that won't let her forget her past, every day is a struggle. Just when Emma's ready to give up, she meets Logan - a rugged cop with secrets of his own. Oddly familiar, yet impossible to place, Logan sees beyond the whispers and scars, offering Emma a chance at redemption and a future she dared not dream of. But someone's watching. Waiting. A shadow from Emma's past is creeping ever closer, threatening to destroy everything she's fighting to reclaim. With obstacles mounting and the stalker's threat intensifying, she must choose: surrender to the darkness, or embrace the love worth fighting for, a love that offers a chance to rebuild not just her life, but her heart. "Wish Upon A Sunset" is a heart-pounding tale of love, redemption, and the courage to start over. Perfect for fans of gripping suspense with a touch of romance. Warning: this book is intended for readers 18+. It touches on sensitive subjects that may not be appropriate for everyone. There is a trigger list included in the beginning of the story. Read at your own risk. This is Book 1 of 2, so watch your step. There is a cliff at the end!
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Nicole Kimber is an Oregon-based author who's been spinning yarns since she could hold a crayon. When she's not crafting suspenseful literary fiction with a dash of romance (for that extra razzle-dazzle), she's busy avoiding stop lights and Porta Potties like they're going out of style-they're irrational fears, but she's not ashamed to admit it. Her first novel, inspired by true events, was nearly abandoned until her pint-sized cheerleaders (aged 7 and 6) convinced her to keep typing. Nicole's narrative style brings characters to life, though she firmly denies using witchcraft to do so. She's living proof that with enough coffee and kid-courage, anyone can turn their elementary school writing dreams into a full-fledged novel.