Monsters and the Ones They Hunt
Monsters and the Ones They Hunt
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She was running. The forest around her seemed to reach out and shove her forward. The pine needles made the ground slick and her ankle twisted painfully beneath her as she cleared a tangle of roots. The slap of her feet on the ground was the only evidence she was making any progress- everything here looked the same. She could have been getting closer to the safety of her home, or she might have been heading deeper into the woods. A snarl sounded behind her and if it was possible, she would have run faster. As it was, she already felt like she was on the verge of collapse. Pain shot through her whole leg as she ran and ran, and the slavering growls grew closer and closer behind her. Soon enough, she would have to stop and be devoured. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Nara Swann's mother is mauled to death by a wildcat, she takes up her estranged father's offer to come live with him in rural Georgia. Moving across the country was hard, but discovering that monsters are real and that her father hunts them is even harder. Her new home is teeming with supernatural creatures, from an eccentric coven of witches to an aristocratic family of vampires. When both human and supernatural members of the town alike begin disappearing and turning up dead, the truce which keeps the peace between the different communities is threatened. Nara finds herself thrown into a magical murder investigation and with the town teetering on the verge of a supernatural civil war, she will do everything it takes to protect her new home.
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