This Flame Of Mine ~ Of Mine Book Two

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~Of Mine Book Two ~ Vienna Adkins is now thrown back into reality as she struggles to maintain her composure around her new boss; Colten Haydeis. The man she had a very wild and drunken weekend with and her supposed gay married best friend. Confessions escaped, kisses flew, desire twirled its hauntingly beautiful face and drinks got thrown back but was it all for nothing? Vienna tries her hardest to stay away from Colten, but, the sexy version of cat and mouse they both play, feeds an endless burning desire between them and Vienna stops fighting against the hold Colten has on her. As the upcoming months ahead unfold and leave everyone wondering just what in the hell everyone wants, Colten and Vienna must hide their blooming and very active relationship from Brad, the husband of said gay best friend. But, how can you hide your passion and your attractiveness for that person whenever they're around? What happens when you have wanted love for so long and it happens but it is nothing like you ever expected?

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