Someone Conflicted ~ Hearts Intertwined Book Two
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After getting her heart broken by the man she was ready to give it all up for, Raven Jocelynna goes back to her home, once again thrown back into her dull and quiet life. But soon, things in her calm life take a turn when she stumbles across a certain green-eyed hottie she had a fling with a month before, only now standing in her office. Holten Harrison reserved himself on the inside since the events that unfolded this summer, but Holten returns to his company one morning exactly one month since everything happened and he finds Raven is the newly hired personal assistant for him. Although he too got his heart broken, he and Raven start up a romance and soon get wrapped up in each other like never before. But whenever things in life seem perfect, carefree, and absolutely wonderful, you know there is trouble brewing right around the corner. Or, in this case, it comes in the form of Holten’s vengeful ex hellbent on torturing him for his life and the blue-eyed man Raven had a one-night stand with stuck on convincing Raven and him are meant to be. How will Raven figure things out in her life? By becoming Someone Conflicted about the things she wants, this story leaves no heart safe and no feelings hidden in this emotionally gripping novel about a woman who has struggled to let go of someone borrowed and now becomes someone conflicted.

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