A Nephalem's Flame
A Nephalem's Flame
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"I'd never felt anything. No love, no hate, no grief, no pain. But for the first time in centuries, you've allowed me to experience something. I believe you humans call it an annoyance." Seras has been kept in the dark all her life. Questions remained unanswered by her erratic mother and uncles, especially when it came to her father. Lost, she searched for a sense of belonging in others. And she found someone. So when the woman of her affection is struck down before her time and dragged through a Fiery pit, she jumps in after her, intent on saving the love of her life. With companions by her side for all sorts of reasons, she ventures through hell to find her and escape. During this twisted adventure, Seras discovers her true identity as she fights all the creatures in her way... even the Devil himself. 🔥A DEMONIC POLYAMOROUS ADVENTURE🔥 🔥Book Two of the 'AngelsVsDemons' Series🔥 [CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE BUT HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THE FIRST BOOK! DEMON'S SPAWN IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON]

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