Desiring Liberty- Lacuna Book 1 (new version)
Desiring Liberty- Lacuna Book 1 (new version)
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Arya, a widow, and a single mother meets Her Russian Benefactor Ivan Borisyuk, an engineer, who helps sponsor her and Her newborn to a New life after she loses everything at the hands of her dead abusive husband. Arya tries to navigate her way through this new life and build a life for her daughter while trying to avoid the gentle giant that steered something canal within her every time they met. but... Things don't go according to plan when Adi, Arya's NewBorn, catches sight of Ivan instantly creating a bond that none of them expect leaving Arya to wonder if Second chances truly exist... and if could she trust Ivan to tame her heart and the fiery desire that only exists for him?? Find out in Desiring Liberty... Book 1 of the Lacuna Series

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