Voyage of the Silver Treader
Voyage of the Silver Treader
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| Book 1 of the Night Crawler Chronicles | After being rejected by the man he thought he'd marry, Jesse travels to DeiganLupus for the Grey Moon Ceremony. However, when the ship he was supposed to take is lost at sea, he boards the Silver Treader to reach his destination. But the Galleon turns out to be carrying more than military and medical supplies, and the prisoner in the brig knows his name. - ⥽ ◯ ⥼ - Without the determination or skillset to join his family's hunting business, Omega wolf Jesse makes a last-ditch effort to find his life's meaning. He travels to DeiganLupus for the Grey Moon Ceremony, a yearly celebration where most rejected and unwanted wolf walkers like him find their soulmates. However, not only is the ship he was supposed to take lost at sea, but the only way to get there is on board a military vessel carrying supplies...and a dangerous prisoner. The moment Jesse boards, his instincts warn him of nearby danger, but they also urge him to follow a mysterious voice echoing through the vents. After crossing paths with Ross, a wolf walker on trial for the murder of hundreds of his own kind, Jesse's objective to reach DeiganLupus is overshadowed by the possibility that this criminal might be the very wolf he'd come looking for. But when he learns that Ross is the Alpha of an outlawed pack that his family have been hunting for years, he is faced with a gut-wrenching decision: hand over his mate and hope it's enough to prove his worth to his family, or stick with the man whose soul is tied with his and turn his back on his family for good. ◯ FTM Trans MC ◯ MxM Romance ◯ Fated Mates ◯ Word Count: 38,365 ─────────────────────────────────── ✵ NumenVerse year: 1050

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