The Secrets Behind Closed Doors
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Aurelia lives alone on a quiet street in Newtown and she has had a dirty secret for many years; Aurelia has no friends and no life, so she busies herself with her neighbors' sometimes drama-filled lives watching through her binoculars that is. Aurelia has done this for years now, soaking up the curiosity inside her to see how others live their lives, that is until a certain someone moves into her direct line of sight, a man moves into the house directly beside her house. At first, he seemed like any other normal man until one night Aurelia decides to do something out of her regular character and stays up past her normal bedtime routine. Instead of seeing her neighbor hooking up with one of the many women he brings home, she sees him choking her until she falls to the floor either dead or unconscious. Shocked and terrified Aurelia calls the police and begins a whirlwind of seductious actions, dangerous ploys and plots, fiery kisses, twisted jealousy, and dark promises as she unknowingly tips the scales upon good and bad while unraveling the secrets behind her neighbor's closed doors.

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