The Unknown Supernatural ~ Book 1
The Unknown Supernatural ~ Book 1
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Verity Reid is a twenty-three-year-old graduate student who lives alone in a one-bedroom cabin. She is a kind-hearted animal lover so it's no surprise she took in a hurt wolf but in doing so she is thrown into a world she never knew existed. Alex Moon is an Alpha who is the only survivor of an attack on his hunting party from the Lockincester Pack and drags himself into somebody's yard hoping to find safety but instead finds Verity sitting by herself. At first, Alex only slept trying to heal but as the days unfold Alex finds that there is more to this human than what meets the eye and he finds himself surrounding himself with his mate, rendering him confused about the emotion swimming inside him. For the first time in his life, Alex feels himself falling for this powerful beauty but is their newfound mate bond enough to overcome their challenges? Verity saves the life of a wolf and in return, it begins to speak to her telepathically but that's not the only thing Verity has to worry about now, Verity is going through a change she never thought possible as the wolf she saved begins to transform before her eyes. Into a human, that is.

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