If I'm Lucky - (Lacuna Sequel) (Patron Exclusive)
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Follow the lives of teenagers Adi, Mikhail, Leonid, Levi, and Selene... who are entangled together by two common things... Friendship and Football (Soccer)... Adi, the precious diamond of her family, has everything a girl could possibly want, loving parents, protective, caring brothers who would saw off their right arm than see her upset, a best friend that is permanently in her life, and shockingly a future that she set in motion at the tender age of 4. Adi isn't your average 12 year old... No, she is actually a business mogul in her own right.. Strange? Not really, Not if you meet her Grandmother... Everything is going well for her, She's doing well at school, her brothers are progressing in their own lives and her parents are still very much in love as the day they met but life throws a few curve balls her way in the form of Levi Duncan, her eldest brothers newest best friend... Levi is a 13-year-old of few witty words, and plenty of scowls with the softness of a rock .. but that doesn't stop Adi from getting under his skin and leaving him utterly intrigued and confused... and wanting to both keep a distance and following her around Follow the story of this bubbly teenage story about friendship, love, and football that all go hand in hand...

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