Clean Break
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Hollis Callahan can't catch a break. He's supposed to be good as new, coming out the other side of his second ACL surgery, but a car accident in the spring set his healing back. He's still in pain, which threatens to cost him his last collegiate season on the ice.  Not to mention, he's in desperate need of a tutor for English 1001 or he won't have enough credits to graduate. Alexandra Layton is trying to forget. She just needs to make it through university.  If not for her sake, then for the sake of her daughter, who was born the day Alex graduated high school.  Moving into her best friend's condo in the city and securing a job as a tutor is just the change she needs. Baggage in hand, Hollis and Alex collide.  Everything is looking up — until it's not.  The pair soon realize that sometimes, all you need is a clean break.

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