Into the Abyss of Desolation
Into the Abyss of Desolation
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Cecily Villarreal's tender age of nine bore witness to a tragic event that few wolves would ever experience. Despite the rarity of such an encounter, her father insisted on subjecting her to the mating ceremony, where an inexplicable twist of fate led her to cross paths with her destined mate, only to have him cruelly ripped away before her very eyes. Now, nineteen years later, Cecily finds herself locked in a silent prison, her voice stolen by the weight of her sorrow. The loss of her mother a few years prior had left a void in her life, one that the wicked witch cunningly filled, worming her way into her father's heart. The wicked witch and her father conspired to send Cecily to a place she knew would be nothing short of torment—a fate she had resigned herself to, until a fateful encounter changed everything. Enter Cain, Abel, Grayson, and Silas, individuals whose presence would unravel the preconceived notions that bound Cecily.

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