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It's a sweet paradise to be naive, to be blissfully unaware that your past and future won't come to pass... At least that's what I thought until it came face-to-face with my past... I came face to face with him... after all this time Astrid is a Blossoming Author who is preparing for her the launch of her next book when she comes face to face with her main protagonist... quite literally... in the form of Jacob Waters, the first love that she wished could turn back time for, the first love that she truly wanted for so many years... But is that what she wants now??? Astrid finds herself wondering if all her wishing and yearnings were finally coming true? ... or ... is she wishing for something entirely different now when her life was so... different ... she changed ... so steamy... Will Astrid embrace the past or grasp the hand of the future???... Find out in Nevermore...

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