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Ghost of You
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Getting fired as a necromancer and accidentally killing a world-famous rockstar isn't how Sam Alden expects her day to go. When the world finds out that Blaize Steele is dead, fingers point to his overbearing manager. A stalker fan. An angry ex. But Sam knows the truth: she killed him, and it was a total accident. Stripped of her necromantic abilities and haunted by the clumsy musician's ghost, Sam is determined to right her wrongs. Storming into the Underworld to bargain with her former boss shouldn't be that hard... right? She can bring Blaize back to life, make him forget she ever existed, and music lovers across the world will believe in miracles. It's too bad that her teenage idol's ghost, with no ties to Death's magic, has a way of reviving dead feelings. What's dead should stay dead, and buried emotions should never be unearthed.

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