Screw | Riders of Inferno #1 | BIKER | 18+
Screw | Riders of Inferno #1 | BIKER | 18+
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After an unfortunate car accident, the Riders of Inferno open their clubhouse to the victim, a woman who is suffering from memory loss. Frustrated and angry, Arizona struggles with the haziness around her memory loss, just wanting to know what has happened to her, and the person that she used to be. Screw, the mechanic of the bikers, can't stay away from Arizona. They both feel this unexplainable pull to each other, but Screw doesn't want to start something when she is still trying to find herself and get her memories back. Just when they are starting to make some serious progress, and not just in getting Arizona's memories back, another club swoop in and claim Arizona as one of their own!

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