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What if..., you escape prison, and crashland on earth? What if..., your camping with friends and you witness your whole group getting murdered and you're the only survivour? What if, two very different worlds get together? Valk, an altered Yautja, escapes a highly guarded prison only to find himself crashlanding on earth. There he finds another Yautja, finishing of an escaped Kiande amedha, and Kenzi, a human woman who's tending to the wounds of an un-blooded Yautja Valk hijacks their ship, taking the woman with him, but things aren't as simple a they appear. When two very different worlds collide, they will unravel a strange secret and discover that there is even more mystery beneath the surface than they expected. Will an unlikely love blossom? Or will a bizarre family secret cause a bloodbath? Disclaimer: I do not own the Predator or Alien creations. The story and the characters/personalities were created by me.

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