Lipstick on the Glass
Lipstick on the Glass
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"There's lipstick on the glass, a shade of red, maybe the many shades of blood that runs through all our veins. Have you seen your own blood before? I don't mean, when you go to the doctor for blood work, or accidentally cutting your thumb. But have you seen your own blood outside your body? Just leaking from a gaping hole where a piece of you was?" The room went silent, I smile and laughed, slamming the palm of my hand onto the top of the grand piano. Everyone eventually joined in. They thought of it as a joke as long as I made it seem. Is life a joke? Is my life all a joke? I question it all. Eden Sloane, one would describe her as the Belle of the ball. She was kind, passionate, and poised as a lady such as herself. She was beloved by all. Willingly? Probably not, but because they had much to gain for being in her presence. Kingsley Geoffrey, he was the lucky bachelor that caught her. A whirlwind romance many claimed. He was the man that every father wanted their daughter to marry. He comes from a great family, a famous family, rich in status and monetary value. When two broken people who hides their shattered pieces from the world comes together as one, their sharp edges would surly cut one another. Triggers: Self harm, suicidal thoughts, homophobic characters.

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