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Mature story -- Sex makes them stronger. We’re at war, and the Zolano warriors need women in their furs to enhance their fighting performance. They’re known for their skills in the battlefield and in the sheets, so it’s easy for them to get volunteering women who gladly rut them in the name of patriotism. Then there’s me. I’m not there to have sex with alien warriors. I’m there to clean their dishes and laundry, straighten their sex-wrinkled sheets, and hope I don’t anger any of these beasts. Of course nothing goes right. The General comes up to me, asking me to lift my skirt. I somehow avoid fainting, and stutter a “no.” He’s shocked. I’ve never seen this man shocked before. I’ve never seen him looking anything but bored or angry. There’s a dozen women here who wouldn’t dream of turning him down, but the General wants me— his quiet maid, the human with the plain body and the backbone to reject him.

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