Whispers In The Night ~ Secrets Within - {Discontinued}
Whispers In The Night ~ Secrets Within - {Discontinued}
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Drapetomania, Noun; An overwhelming urge to run away. ******* At age twenty-three Skylar moves back to the town she had left as a kid, hoping to reconnect herself with who she really was before her life got worse. Only to run into the one person she used to be closest to; her old best friend, otherwise known as Kaden Bennet, who used to be her cute neighbor and is now turned, hot neighbor. The only problem is he is now engaged to a beautiful woman making Skylar and Kade's love fizzle up before it could even happen, but it doesn't stop them from discovering the fiery passion between them. Skylar suffers from a condition that is known as Drapetomania. Skylar must come to terms with who she really is and if she really wants to be who she was meant to be as her condition flares up just as a huge secret that has shrouded Skylar her whole life, finally gets thrown out into the open. Find out the crazy twists and sparkly passion between two people who are destined to burn from the start, but instead go down an adventure of laughter, sadness, heartbreak, and pure joyous moments and reveal secrets about each other no one ever knew was possible.

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