The Viking Princes' Claim - {Discontinued}
The Viking Princes' Claim - {Discontinued}
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What's a vampire queen to do when she falls unconscious after getting attacked and ends up hundreds of years back in time? Get engaged to the Viking prince of wolves. ~ In 2024 Kenna Bambridge is a vampire queen who has ruled over her coven for years, but upon attending a dinner date where an arranged combining of other covens was going to take place when she is attacked. Kenna wakes up after falling unconscious or so she thinks to find she is now hundreds of years set back from the time she was born and is now a princess of a large land that has a feud with supernatural shapeshifting and very powerful magic-wielding Vikings that plague this new strange world. Kenna once a Bambridge is now princess Kenna Alistar of Alistaria and is set to be married to the prince of Bodora, the son of the very man who has waged war against Alistaria, in an attempt to patch up the feud. What will happen to Kenna when she meets the prince? The very bane of Kenna's existence is the exact opposite of the cold-hearted prince of wolves but, can opposites attract? Can Kenna put aside her differences and give her new life a shot even if it means being married to a man that seems to have no heart?

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