Love Bites and Bruises (EXCERPT NOW ON AMAZON AND KU!)
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What's a little pleasure without some pain? Desperately seeking a change of scenery, Christopher Hensley relocated to Amber Moon, a neighboring pack occupied by his childhood best friends Jared, Oliver, and their younger sister, Caralina Rossi. Carly Rossi has always adored Chris. On the cusp of adulthood, she accepts the brutal reality that Chris will never return her feelings. After years of enduring his rejection, she cultivates a passionate relationship with her best friend and heartthrob, Stephen Greene. However, things unexpectedly change when Carly’s life is threatened. Her father secures protection in the one person capable of bringing Carly to her knees with a single, smoldering glance. Chris. As her brother’s closest friend, her father’s devoted employee, and painfully aware of their four-year age gap, Chris has ample reasons to keep his distance. Their close proximity forces him to confront the truth about his possessive nature. Bratty Carly loves to push boundaries, tempting Chris one hot tease at a time. She breathes life into Chris, leaving him craving more. With Carly’s position in her pack, Chris knows their union is strictly forbidden. Like all star-crossed lovers, will they keep their budding romance a secret? Or will the threat of looming, unforeseen circumstances tear them apart?

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