Consuming Darkness
Consuming Darkness
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Scarlett Celice is approaching her twenty-first birthday and rite of passage: consuming her first victim. For centuries, the Celice family has run Gloomsborough: a town where supernatural creatures and humans reside in harmony. A family well-respected amongst both worlds remains spotless in the eyes of their supporters, but a dark secret lies beneath their plastered smiles. They are not human at all. Flashcarvers have long been cast to the Outside for their vicious, destructive, and cannibalistic nature. All except the Celices. Staying in power requires quite the appetite-and consuming the essence of those who stand against them is a satisfying meal. When the eldest Celice daughter is presumed dead, Scarlett must prepare to take on her family's legacy and complete her Transformation... but becoming a true Fleshcarver heir takes more than consuming her victim. She must hunt someone whose siphoned power is vital for her survival: The boy whose family is responsible for her sister's death.

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