Love me, Mrs. Alpha

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Love, betrayal, lust, and everything in between. All her life, Amelya was set on doing everything right: straight A’s, great school, best female fighter, great manners, and now just graduated medical school, on her way to becoming the pack’s doctor. But she had to, right? She was the Alpha’s daughter, his only child, and the future Alpha herself. So this week was special: before she will start her medical residency, in the pack’s hospital, she will marry her childhood best friend, her protector, biggest love, and supporter, just another milestone on her perfectly set life plan. But life is not perfect, people aren’t always what they seem to be and in a blink of an eye, everything changes and comes crumbling down. Taken by rogues, inches away from her early demise, her only chance to survive is love, but will she be able to let everything that she knows and holds so dear go, and fight for an all-consuming love?

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