The Right To Remain Silent
The Right To Remain Silent
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Reyna Rhiannon has been like a fierce lioness her whole life, being a wild hunter and always on the lookout for danger. Reyna learned the rough and quite cruel ways of the world through the streets and she is not one to mess around with, being a con artist and thief for a living, doing odd jobs here and there since she was a teenager. However things don't go according to her plan one afternoon and she stumbles into a police officer, one super hot and smart police officer who seems hellbent on nabbing her every chance he gets. Reyna escapes but days later when she is supposed to do a drug deal, Reyna bumps into the detective once again but this time, in a nightclub.  There is most definitely more than what meets the eyes of this cop, a dark side that only draws Reyna even closer. Their inevitable meet sends both of them down a sexy and dangerous blood-fueled path that will most definitely stain the streets red but the question is not what could happen to the world, and instead what could happen to them?

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