Viking Bloodlines Saga: Awakening (2 - beta)
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Markus and Faron, our reincarnated Viking Gods from Book One - Passion, have defied the odds (as well as a devious team of Valkyries) and fallen in love. As memories of their former home have lives begin to filter in, how will they cope? As their powers and abilities as Gods are actualised, will they adapt and learn how to use them? But, it's not just their own powers they need to come to terms with, they have unknowingly broken a one-thousand year old curse that was holding a small band of Seers (and a Witch) in dragon form. No longer cursed, and with their memories intact, will the dragons seek revenge? Will Misty and Hilda come back to finish the job? Read Book Two of the Viking Bloodlines Saga: Awakening to discover if Markus and Faron will finally defeat those sent to keep them apart?

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