The Elite Among Them
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[This is a work in progress!] It's the 80s, and the Divine are a dying race. Ever since the angels brought war and destroyed the Nephilim on Earth - one half of a Divine's DNA - their only living ancestors are the elves. The Divine are born infertile. Rydel is one of the few who defies his DNA. He's not only fertile but desires intimacy, and he falls in love with a lost human, Matthias, which is forbidden. Humans are beneath the Divines, and the dwindling elite beings rule over them with a centuries-old grudge. Rydel's closest and oldest friend, Amaranth, suspects she may be fertile as well, and she fears the ritual that must be undertaken by those suspected to be a savior to their kind. If confirmed, she would have to bear many Divine children and the future would rest in her hands. Rydel is solely dedicated to Matthias, and Amaranth doesn't want to live out her youth producing children. But yet, the elders are watching and waiting, and time is ticking. They were dead clade walking. CONTENT WARNING; explicit sexual content, violence, and a brief threat of sexual assault (but it doesn't follow through).

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