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Ari, a divorced online teacher meets the one and only Ren Ito, a Japanese K-pop singer of the Infinity Band, after a near stampede at a Mall while they were both on vacation. Sparks fly as they get to know each other a little too much over the course of the final 6 weeks of their vacation before they go their separate ways. Two months later Ari finds out she is not only pregnant with Ren's child but she also can never tell him because their time together was a no-string attached kind of arrangement. So being the determined and courageous woman she is, she rises their daughter on their own and for four wonderful years, she was safe and sound. Until The little one's third birthday when she is selected to meet the 8 group members of her beloved Infinity and Ren comes face to face with the little girl that reminds him of the woman he ached for years. Join Ren and Ari and this sweet, emotional, and hilarious journey as they find their way back to each other while navigating the path of parenthood and family, with a lot of drama in between.

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