Hated Twin

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Scout and Shane are twins. Shane is the favourite, while Scout is abused by his mother, and stepfather. Their mother had left the twins, father, and five older brothers. Instead, of divorcing her husband. She left, being six months pregnant,for another man. They kept looking for them. Bubba, can I see your ticket? I want to see if we are sitting together." Shane smiles at me. Handing him my ticket, not seeing any harm. His eyes scan my ticket, before I hear the sound of paper ripping. "Oops. Guess I'll get a head start on getting them to hate you." Shane smirked at me. Snapping my attention to Shane, to see him, tearing my plane ticket into half, tearing it even more. The paper falls to the floor like snow. Looking down at the pile of what was my plane ticket. Bile rose in the back of my throat. "Attention, flight 268 is now boarding to WInterville Maine." The voice mumbled again. Shane waves bye, heading to stand in line. I watch as he gives the lady his ticket, they laugh over something. Before he disappears through the small hallway, he stands on his tip toes, scanning the crowd for me. Our eyes meet, an evil smile appears on his face. He waves bye to me. "Scout Reeves, please report to the checkout.' The same voice mumbled overhead. Standing here frozen, unsure of what to do. I move over towards the huge glass windows, watching everyone board the plane.

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