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❌ This book is made with Love and smut [Smuht]⛑. Fay Jinksovan is a Fairy. But she's not your typical kind, no. Fay works in New-Orc city as a simple paper-pusher at the NOPD. But that's not the important part here. Fay is spiraling. Losing herself in expensive nightclubs, one-night stands, and other self-destructive habits, she struggles to make ends meet. Yeah. Fay is just searching for love, and she sucks at it. The only way she found to comfort herself is with her sex friend, an Orc called Tyke. However, one day, she stumbles across an app. and decides to change things. There follows an explosion of chaos. From depressed werewolves to stuck-up vampires and other sex-lusting monsters, Fay must act upon her life and make a choice.

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