A Dying Man's Wish
A Dying Man's Wish
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A compassionate girl, an obstinate playboy, and a dying man's wish. When Kit Hart takes a job as a caretaker for the wealthy Leonardo Donato on his deathbed, she forms an instant bond with him. The once hardheaded man has changed in the face of death. He opens up to Kit about how he regrets his estrangement from his eldest son, Luca. Compelled to help, Kit reaches out to Luca....and his cocky attitude and careless feelings about his father infuriate her from the moment she hears his annoyingly alluring voice. Luca is happy with his carefree, easy lifestyle. He has no intentions of reopening old wounds with his old man, and he definitely doesn't intend to let anyone into his closed-off heart. ... But this feisty little woman won't give up, and the more she pushes, the more she's getting under his skin. Despite his effort, he can't seem to shake her. Kit knows getting her heart involved is the last thing she should do, but if a broken heart is the price, for a dying man's wish. She'll gladly pay it. Mature: Sexual content, language, adult situations

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