The Red Sun
The Red Sun
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(#2) Noxborough has fallen and the Red Sun is rising. The terrifying grey beasts have shown their true faces, and a new era has begun. The love between the young lady and the Grey Warlord is put to the test as the world they both live in has very little place for a love such as theirs. Meanwhile, the bloodbath in the North has sent shockwaves across the continent. Everyone knows—the Demons have come, and the end is nigh.
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I am L. E. Pearson. I teach creative writing and interactive writing at university level, and my biggest dream is to one day publish my books and share all that I love with the world. I have a Masters in Aesthetics and Narration, I've been a storyteller for as long as I can remember, and I find solace in the vast universes inside our minds.