His Name? Mr. Suave | A CEO Romance
His Name? Mr. Suave | A CEO Romance
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After Natalia gets accepted for a job at her dream company, she and her boyfriend pack up everything and move to New York. Everything is perfect in the beginning. Natalia adapts to the fast-paced lifestyle that comes with living in the big apple, and along the way, she makes new friends and connections at work. She's living the life she's always dreamed of... Until Roman Knight, her boss, enters the picture. On the outside, Roman Knight is a man of confidence and elegance. Women adore him and men envy him. But on the inside, Roman Knight is nothing more than a broken man with an ugly past that he's been running from for decades. Despite his intelligence and wealth, none of it brings him any happiness. All the attention and fake love from strangers is nice occasionally, but it doesn't get rid of the fact that he still feels nothing but emptiness on the inside. He has everything that a man could ever possibly want, but there is something that his money can't buy nor fame impress... her name is Natalia Roberts, and little does he know, she's about to flip his broken world upside down. © Amy N. Johnson, All Rights Reserved.
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Amy, aka CameoLover93, is an author who specializes in creating serialized fiction.