Child of Death
Child of Death
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The people of Ascelin live peacefully, secluded from the rest of their world. Ascelin has given his people the gift of peace, and they have lived under his protection, thriving in secret, untouched by what lies beyond the woods. Peace, however, comes at a price. Each child born on Ascelin’s land has an Appointing one year from their birth, where it’s determined how long they shall live before giving their life to Ascelin. Claudia Sinclair, born as Thorne and last of her name, is at the end of her twenty-sixth year of life, and now wears Ascelin’s color; red. Her time is coming to an end, but unlike the other people of Ascelin, she doesn’t wish to die. With less than two weeks to live, Claudia must make a choice. Meet her God or run?
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