Wild Rides
Wild Rides
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Xoxo Tyrfing. 18 years old from the planet Olnarus in the intergalactic region called IX-94. Cursed from birth as a wretched existence, she sets out to truly live before facing her end. Aboard her new craft, the first generation Riopee-378, she is out for a wild ride. Louie T. Rubble. 25 years old. Far from her home planet, she is hell bent to live her life how she wants while enjoying all that it has to offer. Sex, alcohol, drugs, and stolen crafts are the highlights of her wild ride as a stowaway, ship captain, and planetary empress.
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It has taken a long time to get to get the courage to share my stories, but here I am. I am half a world away from where I started, living my best life overlooking a Nordic fjord. I am an eclectic writer, easily inspired by the gossip exchanged over bottles of wine, spilled tea, and steaming cups of coffee. If you know, you know.