The Little Thief || MxM || Omegaverse
The Little Thief || MxM || Omegaverse
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Maybe finding a true mate isn’t always love at first sight. ***** An omega thief gets thrown out of his clan of criminals after he refuses to save his leader from a debt he can’t pay. Joined by his best friend, these two homeless omegas are trying to stay safe in a dangerous city where the army fights ruthless criminals who hate omegas, but maybe the best way to survive is to find any decent alphas to take care of them, even if they’re not true mates. And the best place to find good alphas is the local mafia. But stepping into the mafia life comes with its own dangers, and their former clan certainly hates seeing them climbing up the lawless social ladder when they were supposed to fail as outcasts, so their hardships are far from over. At least there’s a young alpha, not the prince charming our little thief thought he’d find, but he’s kind of cute, and has kind eyes, so even though this one isn’t his true mate, he decides to give him a chance. But maybe it doesn’t always have to be about love at first sight. Maybe love can bloom where you least expect it – if you give it an opportunity to grow.
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