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A regretful marriage... A sister's dying wish... an intense love... a frightful heart... and a baby at the center of it all... Will Arya fight destiny??? Arya was not always worried about her impending time clock that ticked away through the years, she was quite happy living her life, enjoying her work, her sweet bond with her sister, But that all changed when she turns 30 and everything suddenly dips in her world... both her parents suddenly die, and she finds herself craving male companionship... more specifically she wanted to have a family so she and her sister didn't feel alone... She meets and marries Terry, a man she thought was responsible but that illusion fades as she progresses from wife to a mother... Now at 33 a Single mother, in a foreign country, She meets her benefactor, Ivan. A man with the shoulders and mannerisms that could tame a wild bear, but can he tame Arya's wild frightful heart that is yearning to call him home??? If you loved His Hidden Child you will surely love this!!!! LACUNA- The gap


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Fiction writer... adding a few laughs, cliffhangers, and sweet, steamy moments to all of my 9 works...🙃...