Tom Riddle's Time
Tom Riddle's Time
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This tale delves into the life of a most forbidden child, one who grew up in the Muggle world. Once a child, then a teen, this woman found herself forever trapped in the passage of time. In the world of wizardry, the Malphas forbidden family remained shrouded in mystery. Very few were aware of the secret connection between the Gaunt Family and the enigmatic Malphas lineage. The existence of the girl born from this forbidden union was a well-guarded secret, known only to a select few. Tom couldn't help but find her exquisite at their very first encounter. "What spell did you use against me? It's so potent that I can't control it," he said with evident disgust. In response, she shot him a piercing glare. "Is that an acceptable accusation, Riddle? I expected more from you than this," she cautioned, lowering her voice with a dangerous edge. They were similar in many ways, yet something about her provoked envy in Tom. This story promises a plot twist, and as we sit back and read, we'll have the pleasure of unfolding this exciting new book. A slow burn awaits us!
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