The Queen of Malovis
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Princess Exlillia duaghter of the Southern King of Planet Malovis is to be given in arranged marraige to the barbarick king of the North to make a truce in a thirty year galactic war. However Princess Elldila the second daughter of the Southern King is forced to marry the warlord King of the North when their father desided to betray the agreement and marry Exlillia of to a warrior in the Southern Army. Will the young princess learn to love her arranged hushand or will she perish in a loveless marriage.


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Hi, I am Purple Dino or Dino if you will. I love reading and all things soft. I have always had ideas for a good book floating around in my head but have never really been good at writing them. Writing is just one of those things I do off and on. But anyways remember to always be kind and stay safe!