Secret Dealings of The International femme fatale
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The secret dealings of the one and only international femme fatale, Kallie. From coast to coast and across the seven seas, no land is safe for the men who use and abuse women in the work place. Forced entries, early data corruption, malicious software, as well as pricks and glitches that fall through the system's cracks; Kallie handles all kinds of system issues hiding behind international extradition laws. Bad men, consider yourselves on notice.


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I am a full time student, mom, and wife. I am living my best life overlooking a Nordic fjord. My writing is inspired by the gossip exchanged over bottles of wine, spilled tea, and steaming cups of coffee. Writing has always been a passion, but I was too chicken to put my stories out there. Sharing my stories is new, but I have been writing for decades!