Cape Crossed
Cape Crossed
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Saving lives is what Hannah Harris does. Whether it's through her official job as a nurse at Merifield Memorial Hospital or as the super strength wielding hero Silver Shield. She's got it all balanced, hospital, friends, supervillains and her handsome devoted boyfriend. Things couldn't be better...and that's what keeps her awake some nights. Jake Erwin is used to seeing his name in the Merifield Local Tribune, both of his names, sometimes in the same story. Who better to write about the dashing villainous thief Hijack than his alter ego ace reporter Jake? He's got a bone to pick with heroes and a desire to see them crumble. The only pressing issue is keeping it all a secret from his girlfriend. Good thing Hannah works long hours
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Sleepy human masquerading as a functional adult by consuming large amounts of coffee and pasta. When I'm not trying to make words stick on a page I'm cooking and dealing with other people's stress. Morally gray characters are my happy place and forgetting to put romance into ships is my red flag.