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"No matter where I am in this world. In the highest of mountains, or drowning in the deepest ocean-I am drawn right back to you. That fire in me was set ablaze by you, and it will never burn out. My desire for you shall never burn out." A spark ignites in a human girl on her eighteenth birthday, pulling her into the supernatural realm. Where magic reigns and monsters lurk in the shadows, eager to burn her from the inside out. 🐉💕🔥SUPERNATURAL X ROMANCE X ADVENTURE NOVEL🔥💕🐉
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🇯🇲JAMAICAN AUTHOR🇯🇲 I am an introverted rainbow with a splash of thunderclouds 🌈⛱️⛈️ Most of my inspiration comes from my dreams, mixed with my twisted way of thinking and a need to control these fantasies. #everywriterever😅 I AM THE QUEEN OF MINI WORLDS👸🏾 But anyways, I hope you like what I have created😃 I would love for you to join my communities and talk with me about your thoughts. Let's enter these magical worlds, together😃
Author Notes
Greeting Mortals, and welcome to Renascence. A tale of passion and a bubbling inferno, destined to shape the fate of a supernatural world🔥😈 I'm glad you could join us. But there are a few things you should know before we begin. Firstly, this is a rewritten version of the first book I've ever posted to Wattpad, which was called 'THE CLAN', so it's very close to my heart. Secondly, this is a mature novel with themes such as sexual fantasy, gore, etc. If these themes make you uncomfortable, feel free to stay in the mortal world. We don't need negativity in the Supernatural realm. Thirdly, if you like what you're exploring, feel free to leave a vote or a comment. Its like spare change to the creator of this world😂 That's it my loves. Safe travels. Don't get lost in the haze. You never know what creatures may grab you, eager to steal from our journey, and into the fog from the flame😏😈🔥
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