Shaded Soldiers || MxM || Omegaverse
Shaded Soldiers || MxM || Omegaverse
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Riley Steele, a 26 year old omega, is ready to do whatever it takes to get accepted into a special unit in the army full of alphas, and the people standing in his way are not shy to take advantage of that. With no choice but to accept the abuse, Riley's wish comes true, and he is finally allowed to join Tactical Team 07 with a promise his life will always be hell, and the people he should be most afraid of are not the domestic terrorists trying to bring back the good old ages when omegas had less rights than tablespoons. No... It's his allies he needs to be afraid of. But maybe this team, TT-07, is different. Maybe these alphas don't mind fighting with an omega. Maybe they don't see him as fair game, a toy to use. Maybe his new partner, a grumpy older alpha, Reid Bishop, doesn't actually hate his guts like it first seems. Maybe he has found his family in this team. Maybe they see him as their brother, as equal. But it is certain there are people who hate to see a strong, skilled omega in their precious elite alpha army, and will do whatever it takes to ruin him and break his spirit. Trigger Warnings: Violence, Blood, Death, Non-consensual sex (non-graphic) Ream subscribers will get more goodies from early access to additional chapters, plenty of smut scenes, art, and even more! Link in my profile!
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