Alpha Kaden
Alpha Kaden
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It was supposed to be all fun and games. When an injured Alpha Kaden comes to my office, I do what any sensible doctor would do and tend to his wounds. Somewhere along the light touches and eye contact, I ended flat on my back on the patient bed, my alpha buried so deep inside me that I could taste his tip on my tongue. We needed more of each other, so we agreed to a Friends with Benefits arrangement. No attachments, no drama, only fucking. It was supposed to be easy, but I should have known Alphas are greedy. Kaden got a taste of me, and demands more. I'm soon tossed into a world of jealousy and secrets, all while getting my body programmed to only obey its alpha. Kaden fucks so good, and drives me insane even better. It only takes a few tumbles in bed to realise that we are way in over our heads.
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