The Billionaire's Regret {Regret Series #1}
The Billionaire's Regret {Regret Series #1}
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Meet Charles Walker, a wealthy and powerful billionaire, who seemingly has it all. But beneath his seemingly perfect exterior lies a heart burdened with remorse. Years ago, he walked away from the only woman he ever loved, Kathleen Johnson, because he believed she was no longer fitting for his lavish lifestyle.Unbeknownst to Charles, that fateful decision led to an unintended consequence - Kathleen was pregnant with his child. Now, fate has intervened, gifting charles with a painful revelation: he has a beautiful daughter he never knew existed.Determined to right his wrongs, Charles sets out on a journey to win back Kathleen's heart and build a future for their fragile family. But as he embarks on this impossible quest, he soon discovers that forgiveness is not easily granted, and trust is not easily regained.
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Hi everyone 👋... I'm Stephanie and I'm 19 years old 🤭